Project Type: Flash in the Literary Pan

Of Muck & Men

“Let me fix it,” he whispered. “Let me make it right. It isn’t too late for us.” His lips were familiar on hers. She kissed him back, her mouth as hungry as the wolves outside.

A Life Inside Four Walls

In old St. Augustine, a house with cracking paint and broken shutters sags under the weight of its roof and is almost hidden by ancient oak trees that drip Spanish moss. The townsfolk warn us kids not to ride our bicycles there. They say the house is vacant and use the word condemned as if it should impress—but I know the truth because I’ve been inside.

The Selkie’s Daughter

But the sea does not let go and she was part of the sea. She was drawn again and again to the harbor’s edge, trailing her fingers through the foam. She held fistfuls of wet sand in her pockets. The hems of her skirts were stiff with salt. She smelled my father’s hands when he came home, pressing her face into the brine and the tang of the halibut that lived in the crease of his palms.


Finally, with toes numb from the cold, she returns to the dry beach and looks around to check on Duffy. After all these years, he still hasn’t learned not to drink seawater. He laps at the twinkling liquid, stirring up glitter with his tongue.