Flash in the Literary Pan

Flash Literary PanFlash in the Literary Pan is a collection of flash fiction curated by Gold Fever Press (hereafter GFP). Stories must be written by Alaskan authors or set in Alaska.

We are looking for original (previously unpublished) flash fiction between 750 and 1,500 words. For now, works that have been published on personal blogs are okay, so long as they are taken down once they have been accepted. We will not consider excerpts from longer works.

By submitting a flash fiction story to GFP, you agree to grant us first publication rights with exclusivity for a period of three months after publication. After this period, you agree to grant us perpetual non-exclusive rights which allow us to re-publish the work anytime, in any form including print and digital (including audio), and maintain it in our archives as long as we give you credit. You do, however, still own your story, and you are free to publish it elsewhere after three months.

GFP reserves the right to make minor copy-writing changes to any story. We do not accept rewrites or re-submissions of a rejected story unless specifically requested.

We currently pay one hundred dollars ($100 USD) for each accepted story, to be paid via PayPal. Payment will be forwarded once a contract has been signed.  

GFP requires a minimum of 10 weeks to review submissions however you will likely hear from us before then. If you haven’t heard back from us regarding a submission after this timeframe, contact us so that we may look into it. You may submit your story to others, however please inform us immediately if your story has been accepted elsewhere.

To submit, email us at submissionsGFP (at) gmail.com with “FLASH” in the subject line. Please paste your submission into the body of the e-mail along with a one-paragraph bio, your real name, and a link to your website. Please let us know if the story has appeared on your personal blog. Attachments will not be opened. Our goal is to release a print anthology of the best flash fiction we can find, though GFP is not obligated to create such an anthology.

We do not accept multiple submissions. No erotica, fan fiction, or stories with needlessly foul language. Other than that, we are pretty open to genre.

Please note that we are unable to provide critiques, answer questions about the publishing process, or help you find an agent.